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Beautiful Amelthyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid with Energy Patch.

Dimensions: these pyramids come in four sizes- 5cm, 6cm, 7cm and 8cm. 

You may wonder what is Orgonite?

You have come to the right place. Let’s look at the properties of Orgonite, Amelthyst, Lapis Lazuli and Tourmaline which are the stones with healing properties and ways it can help you in your life. 

Orgonite really is a small energy converter. 

Orgonite pyramid can 

purify your living environment 

Orgonite can eliminate negative energy and reduce electromagnetic radiation. 

purify your energy field 

It can be placed in your bedroom to help with some sleep problems, relieve stress and achieve balance. 

charge objects 

You may charge any food, beverage, water to gain more vitality and life energy. 
You can also place it under your car seat and panel. 

Orgonite is a tool that is made brilliantly to capture, cleanse and release orgone energy.

It is made out of resin which holds together metals (in this pyramid it is copper) and healing crystals (in this pyramid they are Amelthyst, Lapis Lazuli and Tourmaline) 

Orgone energy is also known as chi, prana or ether.

This energy is helping to get your energy back into balance. If someone’s aura is not in perfect state this energy can balance it out and bring back to healing harmony and balance.


AMETHYST | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addiction

CHAKRAS Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th and beyond, above the head)

Amethysts is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It can be used to stop addictions like quitting smoking, drinking or drug use. It stimulates the crown chakra and is an aid to meditation, helping one to still one's thoughts and move into higher states of consciousness. It can clear one's energy field of negative influences and attachments, and can thereby facilitate the creation of an energetic 'shield'- a field of spiritual Light around the body that wards off the negativity in one's environment.

SPIRITUAL Amethyst facilitates meditation and engenders communion with one's guides and angels. It assists one in surrendering to the Divine and assuming one's spiritual power as a creation of that Divine being. It opens and clears the third- eye and crown chakras, which in turn accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.

EMOTIONAL Amethyst can help one identify the root causes behind behaviors, habits and emotional patterns which create imbalance and disease. This powerful ally assists one in recognizing one's response- ability as a spiritual being having a physical experience. It can help those who are prone to disassociation or playing victim to recognize their inherent power and their ability to align their physical reality with their spiritual purpose. Amethyst is helpful for those who do not feel that they are native to the Earth plane, or who experience a constant longing for a 'home' on other worlds, systems or dimensions.

PHYSICAL Amethyst has traditionally been used to counter addictive behavior and thought patterns. It lends clarity of mind and makes it more difficult for alcohol, drugs and other addictions to alter one's mood. It helps balance the nervous system and the brain. It can be used to help with symptoms of tinnitus, nerve disorders, or brain imbalances. Amethyst's energy also supports oxygenation in the blood, helping to improve the body's assimilation of oxygen and the elimination of waste gasses, especially when in combination with other high- iron content stones such as Hematite and Magnetite.

AFFIRMATION I am purified, uplifted and protected through my connection with the Divine. 


LAPIS LAZULI Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Inner vision, truthful connection, royal virtues 

CHAKRAS Third Eye (6th), Throat (5th) 

SPIRITUAL Lapis Lazulis awakens the third eye and enchances one’s ability to visualize and receive visual guidance or information. It enhances meditative journeys and facilitates past- and alternate-life viewing. It is a stone for clairvoyance and precognition. 

EMOTIONAL Lapis Lazuli helps one to move one’s consciousness beyond the mundane and allows one to identify habits, patterns and lessons one may have difficulty perceiving consciously, and which may be blocking one from making spiritual progress. 

PHYSICAL Lapis Lazulis helps one to identify the karmic roots of disease. It can be particularly helpful in identifying habitual thought patterns and emotions sabotaging one’s healing. 

AFFIRMATION I claim the sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth. 

BLACK TOURMALINE | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Purification, Protection 

CHAKRAS Base (1st)

SPIRITUAL Black tourmaline provides a grounding path for Light to enter Earth plane.  

EMOTIONAL This ally helps one disengage from obsessive or compulsive behaviour and release chronic worry and anxiety. 

PHYSICAL Black tourmaline helps purify the body of toxins and wastes. It can support the cleansing of heavy metals and environmental pollutants from the body. 

AFFIRMATION I banish all negative attachments, within and without. I am purified, grounded and centered upon the Earth.

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