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Beautifully simple Gemstone Bracelet with The Nazar Boncuk Charm for Awakened Kings. 

Chose between Turquoise, White Turquoise, Obsidian, Map Stone, Fossil, Hematite, Tiger Eye (see drop-down menu). 

Dimensions: lenght: about 19cm; bead size: 4mm  

The Nazar Boncuk Charm also called Turkish Evil Eye bead that is often set on a blue background is said to protect from evil eyes and harm. 


TURQUOISE | Properties and Meaning

KEYWORDS Wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion 

CHAKRAS Throat (5th) 

SPIRITUAL Turquoise represents the wisdom that comes from all life’s experiences. It is an ancient Grandfather ally, counselling one that all experiences are valid and that mistakes are simply another experience. Turquoise reminds us that wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace the totality of who we are and what we have learned on our Earth walk. 

EMOTIONAL Turquoise is a stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets. It encourages one to honour oneself as a creation and a tool of the Divine.

PHYSICAL Turquoise helps oxygenate the blood and increase the amount of pranayama the physical body. 

AFFIRMATION From my heart and my wholeness, I speak my truth with clarity, certainty and love. 


OBSIDIAN | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Psychic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity, spirit communication 

CHAKRAS Root (1st)

SPIRITUAL Black Obsidian assists in recognizing where one is holding negativity and and helps to illuminate and cleanse negative emotional patterns from the aura. It can assist those who are very psychically or emotionally sensitive to maintain the integrity of their energy fields. 

EMOTIONAL Black Obsidian is a powerful emotional teacher. It leads one to an understanding and acceptance of the darker side of one's nature, so that aspect can be evolved and illuminated. It assists in breaking negative emotionally based patterns such as self-abuse, eating disorders and addictions, when one is willing to take responsibility for one's own healing. 

PHYSICAL Black Obsidian assists with removing blockages in the meridian system. It's energy is useful in clearing reproductive problems based in past abuse or current self-abuse issues. Black Obsidian opens and clears the base and second chakras. 

AFFIRMATION I cleanse my energy field of negativity and ground myself to the Earth's heart. 


HEMATITE | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical

CHAKRAS Root (1st) 

SPIRITUAL Hematite teaches of the resolution of polarities, the balancing of opposites and the manifestation of Light. It is a strongly grounding stone, assisting one in carrying very high frequency energies while still remaining connected to the Earth and one's body. 

EMOTIONAL Hematite can help one see the silver lining on every dark cloud and the light at the end of every tunnel. It lends one strength, courage and fortitude for moving through adversity. It is a powerful stone to use when one is seeking to integrate the shadow self. 

PHYSICAL Hematite is excellent for energetic support of recovery from any ailment of the blood and of blood production within bone marrow. It can work as a strengthener for the liver and can assist in the detoxification process. 

AFFIRMATION Through my body, I ground the energies of the Light realms in this world. 


TIGER EYE | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Balance between extremes, discernment, vitality, strength, practicality, fairness 

SPIRITUAL Tiger Eye teaches balance between polarities and the underlying unity behind apparent opposites. It assists in balancing the physical with the spiritual and actualizing Spirit through mundane tasks. 

EMOTIONAL Tiger Eye helps those who tend to go to extremes find equilibrium in their emotional lives. It can help create harmony between people with different viewpoints, religious beliefs or approaches to life. It is an excellent ally in bringing harmony to families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord. 

PHYSICAL Tiger Eye is a blood fortifier, supporting general vitality. It is strengthening to the endocrine system and assists in bringing one's hormones and biochemistry into balance. 

AFFIRMATION I act with confidence, clarity, balance, fairness, enthusiasm and strength. 



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