White Heulandite Cluster

  • £7.50

Dimensions: approximately 45mm x 40mm x 30mm 

Weight: 41g 

KEY WORDS Dreams, visions, interdimensional travel, access to past civilizations, emotional healing

SPIRITUAL White Heulandite helps one become still, so illumination and guidance can penetrate the conscious mind. It facilitates meditative states and can aid in opening to channel. 

EMOTIONAL White Heulandite can help to calm egoic thought and the constant mental chatter of the processing consciousness. It can help one feel more calm, centered and enlightened-lifting one's spirits and helping to ease feelings of emotional burden. 

PHYSICAL White Heulandite is useful in helping to enhance cognitive abilities and clarity of thought. It energetically supports the evolution of the brain and the development of consciousness without thought. 

AFFIMATION My mind opens up and expands into wakeful silence. 

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