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Beautiful Oval Larimar Stone Ring

925 Sterling Silver

Ring Size: adjustable 

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LARIMAR | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS  Calming, cooling, soothing to the emotional body, enhanced communication, feminine power, connection with goddess energies

CHAKRAS Throat (5th)

SPIRITUAL Larimar teaches the value of self-nurturance and self-respect. It facilitates balance between the active and receptive aspects of oneself. Larimar encourages communication and the expression of emotional energy. 

EMOTIONAL Larimar is a powerful emotional cleanser and healer. It is especially useful for those with phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and excessive anger or fear. It can help one release judgment and egoic interpretation of what is. 

PHYSICAL Larimar is a valuable during pregnancy, birth and post-partum. It helps relieve high blood pressure and stress-related illnesses. Larimar can alleviate symptoms of excessive Fire element energy such as infection, fever and inflammation. It is an excellent stone to use during cold and flu to help regulate mucus production, sore throat and fever. 

AFFIRMATION I am cool, calm and serene, yet fully in touch with my feminine power, and I clearly communicate my wisdom and my desire. 

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