Rhodochrosite Small Bead Gemstone Bracelet

  • £11.00

Beautifully simple Rhodochrosite bracelet.

Dimensions: bead size: 4mm

RHODOCHROSITE | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Emotional healing, recovery of lost memories and forgotten gifts, self-love, compassion

CHAKRA Heart (4th), Solar Plexus (3rd)

SPIRITUAL Rhodochrosite helps one rediscover the sacred practice of play. It stimulates creativity and expression and helps one align to the frequency of love. 

EMOTIONAL Rhodochrosite is the foremost ally in heling the inner child, especially where deep emotional traumas have left one unable to feel joy or express one's creativity. It can help one feel more confident in using one's will to create one's reality.

PHYSICAL Rhodochrosite is ideal for nervous-system imbalances. It offers energetic healing for the myelin sheath that covers and protects the nerves and can be a great aid in withdrawal from caffeine and other stimulants. It is an excellent anti-anxiety and anti-stress stone.

AFFIRMATION With compassion for myself and others, I engage the process healing from past wounds and I embrace with joy the recovery of my wholeness.

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