Rhodonite Bracelet | FREE SHIPPING

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Beautiful Rhodonite Bracelet. 

Dimensions: length: 16cm-19cm; bead size: 6, 8 and 10mm 

Because of high demand shipping time may take 20-40 days and it is free. Thank you for your understanding. 

RHODONITE | Properties and Meaning

KEY WORDS Discovering and developing hidden talents, compassion, love, generosity, altruism  

CHAKRAS Heart (4th), Root (1st)  

SPIRITUAL Rhodonite helps one to understand one's purpose, as revealed by one's gifts or abilities. Everyone has a skill. gift or ability that they can utilize in service to Spirit. Rhodonite helps one to value one's gifts and skills, and to perfect them for the highest good. 

EMOTIONAL Rhodonite is a stone of self-worth. It aids one in feeling sure about one's purpose. It can help one find a stronger sense of self and clearer call toward one's spiritual path. 

PHYSICAL Rhodonite is an excellent support for weight loss, detoxification and purification of the physical body. Though not a purifier in itself, it stimulates and strengthens the organs and glands, allowing them to purify the body more effectively. It is good for ridding the body of gallstones or kidney stones and can support the healing of the liver from disease or damage. 

AFFIRMATION I call forth my hidden talents and abilities, and I use them lovingly for the benefit of all. 

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