Siberian Pink Sapphire Earstud

  • £19.50

KEY WORDS Love, forgiveness 

SPIRITUAL Pink Sapphire teaches the joy of interacting with others in a loving manner. It helps one feel more courageous in opening to love and overcoming wounds from past emotional trauma. 

EMOTIONAL Pink Sapphire aids one in expressing one's emotions in a loving, kind way. It can help one develop the courage to be vulnerable in relationship and to remove limiting 'protective' walls one may have erected against others due to distrust, fear or past wounds. 

PHYSICAL Pink Sapphire helps strengthen and balance the heart. It is also useful in balancing blood sugar, glucose metabolism and in cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

AFFIRMATION I am strong in my gentleness-that which I forgive and release has lost its power over me.