Stilbite Cluster

  • £7.50

Dimensions: approximately 46mm x 42mm x 25mm 

Weight: 37g 

KEY WORDS Clear thinking, expansion of self-sense, inner peace, enhancing one's dreams

SPIRITUAL Stilbite balances hemispheric brain function, facilitating a whole-brain approach to challenging mental tasks. It can quiet excessive thought processes, allowing focus on the task at hand. It assists one in making choices and decisions, and can help one move beyond settling only for what one thinks is possible, discovering instead one's true dreams and desires.

EMOTIONAL Stilbite helps organize confusion of the mind, and encourages one to take charge of one's life by committing to a direction. It allows one to overcome the fear of making the 'wrong' choice and instead helps one see all choices as possible learning paths. It encourages one to expand one's mind and learn whatever is necessary to forward one's goals.

PHYSICAL Stilbite can be used to enhance learning, to help calm ADD and ADHD, and to help one achieve and maintain mental balance.

AFFIRMATION I expand my sense of self beyond the boundaries of the body, into my auric field and beyond-into the blissful realms of Spirit.

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