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Designer said:

You are the moon of my treetop Light up one night Let my life no longer have darkness I want to be your whole forest. Enjoy once and fortune

Design idea:

The ring is made of s925 sterling silver, the female ring is black, the moon is natural white chalcedony, the male ring is brushed, and the forest is black drip. With the white moon and the black forest as the main elements of design, black means that everyone's life will have a dark period. The warm white chalcedony symbolizes holiness and gentleness, and is not a promise, but a companionship of wind and rain.


Brand: Thaya Name: Moonlight forest ring process: handmade size: US 5-9 white ring: 22mm, black ring: 18mm weight: white ring: 3.17g, black ring: 1.51g

Natural Moonstone -- The female ring is entirely black, and the moon is natural white chalcedony. Drawing Process -- men's ring surface drawing, forest black drip process s925 silver-- full-body s925 sterling silver


1x Moonlight forest ring 1x wiping silver cloth

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