Unakite Jasper Egg

Unakite Jasper Egg

  • £9.80

Dimensions: 45mm x 34mm 

Weight: 83g 

KEY WORDS Healing, balance, release of bad habits, higher attunement, patient persistence 

SPIRITUAL Unakite Jasper can raise the vibration of the physical and emotional bodies by helping one release disharmonious emotional patterns and the lower emotional frequencies. 

EMOTIONAL Unaktite assists one in truly releasing negative emotions and the habitual thoughts and inner dialogue that create them.

PHYSICAL Unakite Jasper offers support in the treatment of cancer sir heart disease. It helps promote the growth of healthy tissue and can be useful in recovery from injury. 

AFFIRMATION I navigate the process of healing and awakening to higher consciousness with patience and faith, moving always, step by step, towards my highest good. 

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